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The Open Source space will serve as a communal area where students, teachers, Weizmann scientists, Davidson staff, and the general public can come together to discuss and explore contemporary science and even participate in current scientific research. Canvassing the ceiling and pillars within the space is a unique tree sculpture, digitally designed to represent a Voronoi tessellation—a 3-dimensional representation of a 2-dimensional concept. This beautiful sculpture creates a peaceful atmosphere and conveys how nature, mathematics, art, design, and advanced science can all work in harmony.

​There are five distinct areas within the Open Source space—each outfitted with touchscreen computer systems, as well as hands-on activities or projects that cover diverse concepts in science and mathematics.

The themes and topics of these activities will continuously evolve based on input from participants and the ever-shifting nature of science, illustrating the intricate relationship between cooperation, collaboration, and the evolution of scientific discovery.

Unique Features

  • Voronoi tesseleation tree

  • Touchscreen computer station with activities (5)

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