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Combining science, art, and design, the Lobby will serve as a gateway to scientific discovery.
Every few steps will be a new experience, designed to immerse and actively involve its visitors in science, technology, and illusion.

The first experience will be an optical illusion wall digitally designed in the style of Victor Vasarely—the father of the Op art movement—that will illustrate how our minds perceive space and depth. The mirrored ceiling will enhance the illusion and will even provide a perfect opportunity for fun selfie shots!

A separate exhibit of three geometric sculptures will move up and down—between the lobby and the lower level—under direct sunlight, refracting light at different angles on the surrounding walls and offering visitors different visual experiences throughout the day.

An interactive system of cameras and sensors will project VR-like scenes onto a huge LED screen
and allow visitors to feel what it’s like to travel to the moon or plumb the deepest oceans.

In the center of the Lobby will be an open space with furniture made of large moveable parts that can be organized in a variety of ways for special events or celebrations (120-150 people).

Unique Features

  • Vasarely wall

  • Geometric kinetic art

  • LED interactive wall

  • Movable furniture

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