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Inspiration to build the world’s first outdoor science museum by Weizmann scientist, Dr. Moshe Rishpon after visiting the San Francisco Exploratorium

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 7.50.16.png

The first exhibit—the carousel which enables to feel conservation of momentum is built at the Weizmann Institute

Other exhibits soon followed:

Sound Pipe.jpg

 "The Sound Pipe" illustrating the speed of sound

Giant Wave.jpg

“The Giant Wave" illustrates related concepts such as frequency, wave velocity, constructive and destructive interference and so on.

Recognizing the potential of a science garden on the Weizmann campus, an official proposal was submitted for the establishment of an outdoor science garden.

More exhibits followed:

1st solar water heater.jpg
construction Doppler wheel_edited.jpg

The first solar water heater installation.

"Doppler Whistle" - a whistle attached to a rotating rod, which demonstrates the Doppler effect


The Weizmann president, Prof. Haim Harari, decides to build the Science Garden in the form of an open-air science museum with a generous donation from the Clore Foundation.

vivian Clore visits Garden.jpg

Dame Vivian Clore Duffield , Dr. Moshe Rishpon and Judy Malkush   visiting the construction site. Note . Dame Clore's shoes - she arrived in high heels and Dr. Moshe Rishpon lent her his shoes so she could walk in the mud.

Queen of Netherlands visits Garden.png

Queen of the Netherlands visits the future site of the Clore Garden of Science

November 1998 OPening ceremony.png

Grand opening and inauguration of the Clore Garden of Science

Percussionist Chen Zimbalista, Vivian Clore at the inauguration of the garden.

Open to the public 1999.jpg

The Clore Garden of Science opens to the public becoming Israel’s premier outdoor science museum and interactive learning center.

The International Organization of Science Museums, ASTC, awards Dr. Moshe Rishpon the Innovation Award, the highest award given by the organization, for the establishment of the Science Garden.


The EcoSphere, a large, walk-in exhibit dedicated to ecological systems, opens to the public.

The Ecosphere focuses on the research of ecology, interrelations between the ecosystems, different habitats, biodiversity and more.

The Clore Garden activities, together with other Weizmann science education divisions are led by the Davidson Institute – the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute.

water exhibit old garden 2011.png

Nine new exhibits are added to the Garden with the support of the Clore Foundation, including the chaotic pendulum, the solar telescope, and the

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 8.24.12.png

With the generous support of the Clore foundation, the Weizmann and Davidson Institutes embark on a major renovation project of the Clore Garden of Science.

Renovation Begins 2019.jpg

Renovation begins!

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