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Situated within the prestigious Weizmann Institute campus, the new Clore Garden of Science will reinvent the way the public engages in scientific discovery. Designed to capture the true spirit of scientific exploration, this open-air museum will be an inviting and thought-inspiring space where no idea is off-limits, where doubt and skepticism are welcome, and difficult questions are encouraged. After all, that is what the adventure of science is all about. With a beautiful design that harmoniously blends the worlds of science, art, nature, education, and culture, the new Garden of Science will cultivate an open dialogue among students of all ages, and foster broader discussions about science’s role in society—from environmental issues to public health concerns. The Garden will be a gathering place where scientists and members of the public can come together to brainstorm, interact, and collaborate—where Weizmann’s science experts can share their latest discoveries and offer visitors a chance to influence and even participate in their research. ​Different elements of nature will be incorporated into the design of the Garden in such a way that illustrates various scientific concepts and highlights different points of view—from light and movement, to earth, matter, and more—further demonstrating the intimate role science plays in our lives and in the world around us. ​From the moment they set foot in the Garden to the moment they leave, visitors will feel an empowering sense of excitement, curiosity, and autonomy. With experiments that encourage both individuals and groups to interact with each other, labs and spaces that allow visitors to choose which attributes of a phenomenon they wish to explore, exhibits that only come alive when interacted with, and activities that evolve with every new encounter, the Garden will impart an important message: each person matters, and has the power to make a difference in the world.

Come explore the exhibit areas to see how you can make a difference in the future of science education!

The Exhibit Areas


This two-story building will house many types of spaces—exhibition areas, labs, and learning spaces—that will allow visitors to actively take part in science exploration. All spaces are designed for a wide range of audiences, including individual and organized groups.

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A safe and adventurous play-scape with theme-based areas that fuse experimentation with hands-on multisensory fun. All areas will be built to accommodate multiple levels of understanding, so that all visitors—young and old—can engage and learn.

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